Benefits of anti-oxidant water

Did you know that our bodies are made up of approximately 75% water? On this basis, it makes sense drinking adequate amount of healthy water is essential. Water doesn’t just keep us hydrated – it improves digestion, flushes out harmful toxins, prevents fatigue and headaches, and can even be used to aid weight loss.

However, not all water is the same. While we’re all familiar with the phrase “you are what you eat”, perhaps a more pertinent take would be “you are what you drink”, given that our bodies are mainly made up of water. 

Dilemma is that the subject of finding the healthiest water can be very confusing. According to WHO (World Health Organization), tap water in many areas globally is not considered safe. The N.Y. has compiled a database of violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act in 40% of community water systems in the U.S. They have found water contaminated with lead, nickel, and many other heavy metals in some areas.

Bottled water is not the answer either because ” The government does not mandate that bottled water industry is any safer.” In fact, in most cases bottled water is purified tap water. In addition, the plastic in the bottles contain chemicals including BPA and others toxins. Most these waters are acidic, oxidized, containing contaminants known to be harmful to health. – so what’s the solution?

This is where Kangen Water® comes in. Many scientists specializing in water and health, medical doctors, surgeons, as well as natural practitioners have come to the conclusion that Kangen Water®, aka alkaline ionized antioxidant hydrogen rich water is the best drinking water for one’s health. 

Kangen Water® is water that after filtration and removal of chlorine and other toxins is put through an ionization chamber. It is an anti-oxidant water. It helps to revitalize your cells and is a much healthier alternative to tap water and even bottled waters, many of which contain harmful BPAs.

Here are just a handful of the benefits of drinking  alkaline anti-oxidant hydrogen rich water in particular Kangen Water®:

1) Anti-aging properties

Process of oxidation is the process of oxidation. If we can slow down oxidation, we may slow down aging. Kangen Water®  contains antioxidants naturally because it has gone through ionization. Also, because of ionization, Kangen Water ® when fresh contains hydrogen gas which is a potent antioxidant. This form of antioxidant gets absorbed in to human body  much more quickly. It neutralizes free radicals which cause damage & rapid aging. 

2) Colon-cleanser 

“Kangen Water® is the very best drinking water for it’s powers of hydration, detoxification, and anti-oxidation.”  ……..

A healthy gut is paramount to a healthy overall lifestyle. Kangen water is believed to contribute to a healthy colon and helps flush waste out of the body quicker than acidic soft drinks.

According to Dr. Hiromi Shinya, (M.D., Ph.D) World renowned Gastroenterologist, known for his invention of a colonoscopy device, Clinical Professor of Surgery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Head of Endoscopic Center at Beth Israel Medical Center, an author, and inventor;

 It is important to realize that most bottled water on the market are acidic also and even if they are alkaline, they are alkalized by adding chemical agents not good for health in the long run. Acidic drinks have positive ORPs which can contribute to health problems, whereas ionized or alkalized antioxidant waters have negative ORPs. You can see a great comparison made by an “ORP Meter” here at Always important to read the label on the bottled water sold. 

3) Hydration

Because of ionization, Kangen Water® is structured differently so it can get absorbed much more rapidly. Drinking enough alkaline ionized water or anti-oxidant water, is crucial in keeping joints lubricated, preventing infection, regulating body temperature, and ensuring organs work properly. A good level of hydration will also have a positive effect on cognition, mood, and sleep quality.

4) Weight loss

Drinking plenty of alkaline ionized antioxidant purified water can help detox, hydrate at a higher level, transport nutrients, and help in pH balance in the body. Being properly hydrated with healthy water may help suppress appetite and may even aid in weight loss. 

5) Skin health

Drinking a healthy amount of healthy water can help combat moderate skin issues like eczema and psoriasis. Alkaline antioxidant water helps the digestive system to flush toxins from the body, which helps contribute to a healthier complexion.

6) Avoiding heavy metals

As mentioned above heavy metals are often found in drinking water. In fact, a recent New York Times article found that up to 40% of the nation’s communal water systems have been in violation of the Safe Water Drinking Act at least once, thereby exposing millions of citizens to potentially harmful heavy metals. These can have severe effects on health, including reduced development in children, nervous system damage, organ damage, cancer and even death. Alkalized ionized water like Kangen Water® is free of these impurities, allowing you to enjoy clean, fresh water and a healthier lifestyle every day.

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